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The count down begins!!! Arise Africa video Teaser would be released Friday 12:00am, Adelaide time (Thursday 1:30pm GMT).

"Arise Africa" is a song for the 1.4 billion Africans!!It set to reawaken the sleeping giants and beckons on all Africans to rise up and take their rightful Place among the Elites Nations!! Arise Africa was written by Christian Nwankpa (who goes by the stage name: Chris Rufus) features Charles Don Eden and has Team Definition as back up voices.

Join Chris Rufus using this link at the premier of the Video Teaser.

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"Australia is a nation of Courage and compassion. And the third of these great values: resilience.” ~ Kevin Rudd

Australia Day, also known as Straya Day or the National Day of Australia, is celebrated nationwide with spectacular festivity. wIdely regarded as a day of celebration for every proud Australian, the Australian Day is celebrated every year on January 26th.

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Happy New Year. Its 2023 ALREADY!!!!!! Am super pumped on what God is going to do in our lives this year. GET READYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

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